Atualização de firmware para o Nokia N97 - versão v.22.0.110


Esta disponível a atualização de firmware para o Nokia N97 que vai para a versão v.22.0.110, com algumas melhorias e correções de bugs. Segue o changelog da versão:


Data package content, corrections or changes :

  • Corrections to TOP ~15 issues reported in the field

OTC cases fixed:

  • Wrong Cherry number used in Russia and Spain
  • “System error” displayed occasionally at first start-up. Reported e.g. by Vodafone.

Genius cases fixed:

  • Contacts performance improvement:
  • #144324: Voice dialing not working when there are 2000+ entries stored in Contacts.
  • #134637: Phone prompts “Memory full” when searching for names

Localisation & language variant specific:

  • #154188: Message editor crashes and writing fails if predictive text input is On. (Arabic UI, v15 language variant)
  • #146139: Scrolling to left and right works the wrong way around in Photos – Captured when using Arabic UI
  • #147509: QWERTY keypad input does not work correctly with Calculator. (Chinese language variants: v19, v25, v26)
  • #139207: “Slide to Answer” localization error (Hebrew)
  • #140654: Localisation error in Bluetooth Audio – “Set as (un)authorized” (Czech)


  • #141675: “Security module error” shown in display occasaionally at start-up
  • #147863: Occasionally device hangs and restarts soon after start-up.
  • #137558: Device keylock opens (although it shouldn’t) when dialing a number using a carkit. (CK-300, CK-600, also some non-Nokia, factory installed car kits)


  • Default Nokia tune is played as ringing tone for incoming calls instead of the one user has defined in Profile settings. Also sometimes device ahs stopped alerting for incoming calls. Both issues are now fixed.

Products Codes Disponíveis em PT/BR:

  • RM-507: 0575402: RM-507_NAM_BRAZIL black | 0576116: RM-507_NAM_BRAZIL white

Fonte: Rodrigo Toledo Via Ramalho Blog

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Elizabeth Naiara disse...

Eu gostaria de saber se posso atualizar o meu nokia n97 mini q comprei em janeiro de 2011
para tirar um som q ele faz constantemente - no inicio achei q podia ser mensagem - mas
nao - ele faz esse som direto e sem motivo e sem encostar em nenhuma tecla - eu li no site
da nokia q isso e um bug.. teria algum problema atualizar ele para esse firmware?

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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